Vanessa Starr

Operations Manager

My Story

As the operation manger Vanessa’s duties include the administrative support as well as coordinating all the written and web materials needed for the firm. She is an expert herself in the field of negotiation using her skills in a wide range of consulting services to firms requiring support in mergers and acquisitions, accounting, recruitment and selection, and general organizational development. Experience working with clients from 5 employees to national companies of over 1,000 employees.


Managing and overseeing administrative needs of clients, the business and its owner. Continuously learning and adapting, assuming new responsibilities as the business evolves, while maintaining a strong focus on quality control and the scheduling of monthly corporate workshops.


Additionally she has provided guidance to a number of the firm’s clients in the following areas


Organized and conducted training in areas of Management Skills, Negotiation Skills, Organization and Delegation, various sales courses, and Train the Trainer workshops.
Performed in-depth interviews with new client management team and members of the organization to assess areas of development.
Worked with the President to develop a unique plan of action based on data collected in interviews.
Managed recruiting process for clients during reorganization, insuring alignment with company needs.
Coached clients on how to run productive meetings.
Conducted 360-degree evaluations for each participant of management workshops.
Served as mentor for new managers, assisting them in the processes and systems of communication within the organization.
Coordinated and scheduled monthly workshops for national client.
Provided administrative assistance in the creation of the manuals for specific clients