Jerry Dressel

President, Founder

My Story

Jerry Dressel has over 37 years of comprehensive business experience in a variety of different industries, which include retail, professional services, distribution, restaurant, advertising, construction, and hospitality industry. His background includes negotiation coaching and consulting, management consulting, a retail operation start up (that became one of the ten largest in its industry in less than seven years) and managing CPA firms and assisting clients with their business, accounting, management, and tax needs.

Jerry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from San Diego State University and continues to serve the University through his involvement as the past president and director of the alumni association as well as by holding a seat on the Presidents Advisory Board. He has taught several business courses at the college level and continues to contribute as a guest speaker at SDSU on an ongoing basis.

Recent Career Highlights

President of Pactus Logic assisting various clients in negotiations management and financial consulting assisting clients in a variety of areas with an emphasis on negotiating for his clients, acting as a coach, and facilitating seminars and workshops in the areas of negotiation skills. His seminars are conducted throughout the United States for various companies on a custom basis and he has lead seminars in over 20 different industries including construction, software engineering, veterinary practices, distribution, defense, retail, real estate, hospitality, night clubs, entertainment, wholesale, commodities, medical and several others. Additionally he regularly negotiates for clients and has negotiated the sale or purchase of over 80 businesses, over 125 leases, hundreds of business contracts and agreements, hundreds of bank loans and financing packages dozens of tax situations.


President of Pet Managers Inc. the managing general partner of ten Pet Supply Warehouse superstores located in San Diego County. The company was started in 1991 with one location in San Marcos, California and eventually became a chain of ten stores located throughout the country and one of the ten largest retail operations in the country. Successfully sold the company in 1997 to a national chain. As president, was responsible for all accounting, leases, real estate site selection and negotiation, advertising plans, marketing plans, cooperative advertising negotiations, management of human resources, inventory control, capital expenditures, budgeting, management committee meetings, and setting and maintaining goals and controls.


Partner in the CPA firms of Professional Advisory Group. Located in the golden triangle area of San Diego County. These firms specialized in servicing the small to medium sized companies and individuals in all of their accounting and tax needs. The firm serviced clients in the industries of retail, distribution, professional athletes, manufacturing, insurance, publishing, construction, restaurant, real estate, medical offices, dental offices, veterinarians, professional services, non profit organizations, hospitality and many others. Represented clients to the IRS, Franchise Tax Board and State Board Equalization. Also supported clients and legal counsel as expert witness in legal disputes.


Partner in the CPA firm of Considine and Considine. Began as a staff accountant and became partner after several years. As partner, was in charge of Auditing and Business Development. Managed departments and assignments with up to ten professional staff. Worked as the “mini CFO” for a number of different clients assisting them in all their accounting and tax needs. The firm serviced companies in many different arenas including construction, apparel, real estate, retail, distribution, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, restaurant, and medical practices. Represented clients in front of the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, and State Board of Equitation. Also supported clients and legal counsel as expert witness in legal disputes.


Manager of Motor Hotel Accounting Travelodge International.


Consultant to a national retail chain. Evaluated and reported to the real estate committee the results and status of over 100 retail locations in the Midwest and on the east coast. Evaluated the properties as far as size, location, staff, traffic flow, demographics, and volume. Consulted on advertising programs.

Related Outside Activities

Past president of Torrey Pines Kiwanis Club
Past Chairman of La Jolla Festival of the Arts and Food Fair
Past president of San Diego State University, Alumni Association 1993 and 2004.
Past Chairman of San Diego State University Lifetime achievement Awards Celebration.
Chairman of Ambassadors for Higher Educations.


Honors and Awards


San Diego State University Alumni Association Honorary Board Member
Small Business Association Entrepreneurial Success Award 1977
San Diego State University 1999 Alumni Service Award
San Diego State University Presidents Top 25 Award 1999 and 2005

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