About Our Company & Negotiation Techniques

Different? Try ‘unique’ — no one else
offers the Pactus Logic approach

“Leverage is a key in any negotiation. You have to know what
 leverage you have, so a key is to do the background research first.”

– Jerry Dressel, President.

A lot of what you hear about negotiation is wrong. Yet we don’t just de-bunk the myths; Pactus Logic will infuse your team with negotiation techniques that can make a significant difference in your upcoming contracts. Pactus Logic offers four primary business-building tools: Besides Negotiation, we also provide Seminars, Consulting, and Coaching. Visit our Services page for more details on each one. And we’ve been doing it for years, for some of the leaders in a variety of industries — see our Results page for some examples.

  • Who We Are

    Pactus Logic is a team of experienced experts in business-to-business consultation. Our senior staff will supercharge your firm’s negotiating prowess, for any possible type of business contract.

  • What We Do

    We can negotiate for you, show you how to do it, or both. Pactus Logic can negotiate a maximized solution when you’ve got a big deal on the table, and we can also teach your team our proven principles.

  • Why We Do It

    Our philosophy is to empower our clients and partners for maximized success. Our core value is coaching – which means we truly enjoy seeing you reach new heights, armed with the right tools.


Complete preparation

You need to be able to handle any situation, any question, as it arises; we coach you how to be ready to handle every possibility so we can minimize the chance of being surprised and being blindsided.


Facts trump emotions

When you’re armed with a fact-based platform (rather than emotion-based), you can out-negotiate anyone who works in an emotionally-based world.


Ask questions, then ask more questions, and then…

You’re fact-finding, of course, but you’re also getting a feel for where the other guys are coming from. And by being 100% prepared, you’re ready to handle any questions they toss your way.


The Experience factor

Our experience—and then, yours as a result—gives you a leg up. But beyond that, you can capitalize on the other side’s lack of knowledge of how to truly negotiate effectively.


Debunk the myths

Why ‘win-win’ is all wrong. How ‘never make the first offer’ is foolish. And using the same tactics in all situations is risky (‘transactional’ and ‘balance-concerns’ deals use different paths, for instance).

Meet Our Leadership Team


Jerry Dressel

President, Co-Founder

Jerry Dressel is the President of Pactus Logic – and a heavy-hitter in the negotiation world. His 37 years of negotiating, coaching, and management consulting covers virtually every industry. Jerry’s background as a CPA ensures you’ll get financial know-how, and detail-oriented attention. Jerry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from San Diego State University—where he’s been president and director of the alumni association and has held a seat on the President’s Advisory Board.





Vanessa Starr

President, Co-Founder

Vanessa Starr acts as the senior-level Operations Manager for Pactus Logic. A skilled negotiator herself, she’s logged more than 15 years’ management experience in financial, marketing, and other fields. For you, Vanessa’s talents and experience mean every detail is covered: she’s thorough, creative, flexible, energetic, versatile and easy to work with. Along the way, you’ll find she may just be the most organized person you’ve ever met. From project inception to following-up on the final deal, Vanessa knows how to lead the way.