Negotiate with a winning edge—when you need it most.

Pactus Logic methodology helps you master
the principles of business negotiations.

  • Seminars

    We’ll train your team with seminars customized to your needs.

  • Consulting

    We’ll bring your innovative thinking from a fresh outside perspective.

  • Coaching

    We’ll show you and your team how to be better prepared than you thought possible.


It's About Mastering
the Negotiation

The fact is simple: When you know the secrets of powerful negotiation, you make more money. Lots more money. And ironically, you do it without having to do any more work—it’s like creating profits out of thin air. Pactus Logic can be your secret weapon in any negotiation session or we can train you to be a skillful negotiating force on your own.


"Always go into a negotiation with a plan, a goal, and well thought out questions. Asking questions moves you toward what you want. And don’t bring any preconceived notions to the table-you can sink yourself that way."

- Jerry Dressel, President

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